Thursday, June 3, 2010

First day of 4th semester

You know what?

I'm actually pretty lazy to go to the college today, but mannn~~ I forced my lazy ass to the class eventually.

Well there's nothing so special at the college today, it's all about being divided into several groups, being given assignment to do, met the ol' and new faces, having lunch at the same old restaurant (Nuryana Restaurant, our usual meeting place), smoking second-hand smoke, enter the new kitchen in..what block is it again? dammit! i forgot! >_<

and that is just where it all started.

After all that, it's time to go back home. After get my ass in a bus, where all the seats have been taken and left me and the bus conductor standing, suddenly this two guys started talking to me,

The bus conductor: hey budak!

kuang ajar ko panggil sy budak!

The bus driver: wuiyoo! pakai baju chef oh, keja mana?

Me: belum keja lagi, masih blajar.

Conductor: Sana mana tu yang ada hotel ka restauran tu, mana satu tempat ko keja?"

Me: ............

seems like my answer didn't reached them

Me: sy belum keja lg la

Conductor : *talking to the driver* kalo sy kahwin tukang masak, x payah lg sy pegi beli 'tapau' sna kedai sepa namanya tu? si pukimak tu bah?

Me: ........ >_>"

Driver: nda ku ingat nama dia tu, muka cacat dia aja aku ingat! hahaha!

Conductor: hahaha! klu sy maw kahwin nanti, sy maw kahwin dgn budak cam dia la! hari2 kenyang, x payah lg aku minum air stiap hari.

Me: mmmm...bha boleh bha klu ko! (did I just said that?)

Driver: *looks at me* Brapa umur ko?

Me: sy-

Conductor: wuiinaa! kalo umur ditanya tu ada dua maksud tu!

Driver: dah kahwin ke belum?

Me: belum, sy masih blajar lagi.

Driver: berat ka kuali yang kamu guna untuk memasak tu?

Me: boleh tahan la jua, 7kg ja. (kuali tempat keja sy dulu bah tu..)

Driver: aii! berat tu! kalo hari2 bergoncang! nanti cepat penat bergoncang di waktu malam! susah tu.

Apakah maksud tu...?!

Me: kalo di siang hari bergoncang tu, perut ja kenyang. Kalo waktu malam bergoncang tu, pantat ja yang kenyang.

Conductor: itu yang bagus tu! exercise bah! hahaha

Me: bahagian 'itu' ja tu yang terlalu di-exercise-kan nanti..

Driver: hahaha!

maw jua sy cakap, "tgk tu jalan raya bah budu! ko maw kasih mati kami sini ka?! sikit lagi mo accident! waktu hujan lagi skarang ni...

Suddenly, an unknown car almost hit us.

Well, the road is pretty slippery at this rainy day.

All the passengers stand up from their seat just to look outside for that car, and I got a good view from the start (since I was standing from the start), the car was almost fell over up side down but luckily it didn't.

Almost all the passengers start 'blablablah' in the bus about what just happened and drowning the three of our voices. (me, the conductor and the driver)

The conductor: Sempat lagi tu kereta drift!

Me: pnya SMART!

The driver: kalo dia bergulik-gulik td lagi la SMART!

Owh! I found an empty seat ^^

*leaving those two and take a sit*


Try listen to this SONG! it's cute~