Wednesday, June 9, 2010

owh mann! I'm wet!


Not that kinda 'WET'.

More like soaked after being rained down. I knew it's going to rain this evening but still i always forgot to bring an umbrella. oww mann...i'm lucky to have two friends which are taller than me. (Suzanne Tham and Adrian Mak! kamurang dua talampau tinggi!)

Today, our class is just an hour long. What a waste of money and time, and then we went for a movie (now that's more money-wasting). Why should I care? Everyone wanna have fun aite~

Today, the trio (those two I've just mentioned above and me) went to watch 'Killers', It's a fun movie! me like it! Where everyone that seems to be harmless turns into some psycho killer. Everyone seems so psycho and weird except Jane (one of the main character).

When Spencer first showed up in the movie, he seems familiar with someone in the prank show in MTV that i watched before. Then i realized, it was that guy who hosted the prank show called 'Punk'd'. Ok, he looks cool in the movie, and some girls will find him hawt (he's already hawt from the first time I saw him in that reality prank show)

After all that, it's time to go back home! It was raining outside the SuperMall so-called Centre Point or CP, and me always forgot to bring a goddam umbrella (again..this is the second time i mention about it).

Jalan yg ditakungi air pun diredah begitu saja, ikan bilis pun boleh dipelihara dah dalam kasut ni. Tapi tak hidup lama jua tu, asal sja hidu stoking yg tak pernah dicuci slama beberapa bulan ni, rasa macam di syurga trus.

The trio soaking wet in the rainy day, even though we used umbrella at that time. We were separated at the bus terminal. At the bus, it was freaking HOT..owh shit! so uncomfortable.

Dah la basah masa tu, ditambah lagi dengan peluh..gatal sluruh badan trus..

Starting tomorrow, I won't forget to bring an umbrella nymore.