Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It will just be a piece of meaningless word.

(cont.) if you never try to understand it


I just have a couple of words to put in this entry, it's simple~ where people usually tend to make a blind about it, or in other word; Absent-Minded and Single-Minded.

What is it?

You always keep a lot of thoughts inside your head and chained your feeling in your heart. One day you find it hard to keep it for yourself,

You want someone to hear you out, you need a good listener or someone to care for you

But you can't seem to find one.

Don't worry, keep hoping for that

Don't give up yet

Until now you can't seem to find that kinda person

Or there's nobody want to be that kind of person anymore? Since everyone is also like you. Wanting others to care for them too, or maybe you're just too SELFISH?



Why don't you make the first move?

When will we start being that kind of a person that everyone hoping for?

Why don't we learn how to be more considerate to others?

So there will be many hopes can be saved

Things will just get complicated if people put their ego as their first priority.

Quit thinking too much about your own self-satisfaction only.

Humans are a complex being, it's not something that you can judge easily.