Friday, May 7, 2010

3rd semester is so finished~^^~

"I'm just so freaking happy!! I wanna tell the world I just finished my exam!! TIME FOR HAVING FUN!!!!!♥" Said Suzanne Tham.


Well me too XD

I'm a bit disappointed today after I got my final result for FCC(food cost control) subject, Arrghh...I hate MATH! hey what about it ;O

auww mann...I've tried so hard, I've study so hard but I only got 'B1'...errggh...I need 4% more so I can get A.

Owh well, I'm gonna try harder again in the next semester of this course. I really love this course that I'm in right now, just now I have enough strength and will to study, not like my high school day..what the =.="
(cuz i don't know what I wannabe at that moment..>_>")

By the way, I'm in onemanga/mangafox mode right now. Yeah! i love manga, but i don't really like the adaptation of some manga into anime =/