Friday, February 12, 2010

This One Kid

There's one story about this one kid, this kid usually like to be alone cuz he/she doesn't trust anyone even his/her parents and friends.

Always living with his/her pokerface but actually this kid is very sensitive.
This kid, is usually so afraid to lost his/her sense of mind.

This kid tend to ignore everything like there's nothing to do with him/her, but this kid feel so tired of watching with no feeling or with fake feeling.

There's one time this kid feels, giving to much pity towards someone is a waste of time and stupid.

People usually tend to ignore him/her every time this kid wanna be someone that he/she thinks useful instead it turns out to be someone good for nothing. Then, this kid retaliate them by ignoring them back.

A person who always don't give a shit about anything. But actually, deep in this kid's heart, he/she does care.

Sometimes, this kid always think about, what would be the best way to end he/she's daydreaming time.


anysxuaela said...

he/she seems like me!