Friday, February 19, 2010

It's a secret^^

Me sometimes can be random, sometimes can be annoying, sometimes can be someone else, but most of the times too lazy to talk. I can be talkative person when i'm in the good mood ^^b

People always say that i'm like a kid, always act like a kid, and also think like a kid? When i started to get serious, people just laugh about it and think that i'm still joking =p

oki~ here's the thing >.>

There's this one person i met, he/she always like to talk about his/her friends' secrets, SECRETS im telling ya, and also his/her secrets to me, i like to listen than censuring cuz there are lots of stuffs he/she wanna spit out.

After he/she finished talking someone's back, which is most of them were his/her friends, ex-friends and someone that he/she don't like, and then he/she started cursing someone who's talking behind his/her back with full of emotion, and usually the anger emotion, not to mention ego too.

Well there's no need to mention about their name, it's a secret^^