Tuesday, February 9, 2010

This is MADNESS! =o

There's lot of angry ppl nowadays, no time to control their wrath attitude. When it gets worse, it's WAR time!

Internet play a very good role toward ppl's minds, even in music lyrics, there have been lots of angry lyric in mainstream music, ppl getting angry and they like it. Even thought they don't seem to like it when someone's not them was mad at them or someone else.

This one guy from this country A says this and that about this country B, and then this guy from this country B was offended and threatening this guy's country that they gonna have a war someday and bla bla bla..

Everyone getting furious, and they don't give a fuck about it until they have released em all like taking revenge for example, angry is like drug, after you've released it, you feel so good! So satisfied! like after released shitz right from your ass.

Even in this one peace country im staying at right now. Recently, some of the Muslim mad about the word Allah will be using by the church in Malaysia. They mad, they started church arson, the Christian were mad too, they started talking *TIT* *TUT* *censored* thingy in the net and with their friends. Is that how the religious ppl will act?

Ppl like to judge this and that based on their own idea and opinion, like the racial stereotype in America about 'Asian Parents vs White parents, which is more strict?' <.<"

Even when i went to the mall before, i ask the seller about this one particular thing's price, and he replied by saying, "why do you ask?? do you have money??"
He looks at me like he don't want me to be there. huhu...i only ask so i can collect some money to buy it later.

There have been lots of ppl are getting too proud at themselves, no time to take care of others, no time to be courtesy. Everyone wanna be the bad guy, good guy is too boring now.