Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mother Keeper (Comic)

"The fleeting golden age has ended, and has become nothing more than a dream. People has begun to search for the next dream.

Searching for a steady life, peace, and just a little bit of happiness...for the sake of these things, people have begun to move.

Despite this the war continues."

In a Post-Apocalyptic world, there are two kinds of people that live in this world: those on the inside of EDEN, and those on the outside. In the EDEN is a living paradise! While the outside is a crap sack world. But EDEN cannot contain all of the people of the world. The EDEN even made conditions worse for those living outside. Because of this, many resistance groups have been formed. The EDEN has a Central CPU that controls all of EDEN.

Then there's our hero! Ricalna Forde who is from one of the resistance groups called COSMOS, he and friends went for a mission to destroy EDEN Central CPU, but then shiz happened...

and the story continues...(


The story involve with so many psychological drama; all those sister complex thingy, rebellion stuff, war, revenge, and human turns...into what?

The author got no problem killing some characters, no matter if it's a child and even the main character(s)?

Which is why i frigging love this manga! The drawing is kinda weird at the beginning but it improve quickly and better after a few chapters, so beautiful makes you wanna look at each page for a few minutes before turning to the next page.

The main character, Ricalna Forde is a kind-hearted and talented rebel soldier at first, but now he's just complicated. Unlike any main male character that is spoiled and annoying which has becoming a pop culture in japanese comic (manga), he's not like that, he's kind of a nice guy. He's not someone that you may think a freaking hero wannabe who wanna save everyone, he may shows 'I don't give a shit!' kind of attitude but he's just being realistic. But still, he doesn't like to see and leave people to suffer.

(the manga is still ongoing though, so there's still hope for character development)

There's NO bad or good guy in this story, everyone is the same, and sympathetic(and it's very effective!). Imperfectness is the nature of human.

"You guys wanna destroy EDEN? Over our sleeping body!"

The way the author telling the story is simple but complex at the same time, the balance of telling the story and full of cliffhanger at the end of every chapter has make it easy to follow and me want MORE! The action scenes are just awesome, no superpower bullshit like in most shounen manga.

It's over 9000000000!

"I don't give a shit! I'm a man with a GUN."


Shioru said...

your words here,inspired me for new manga plot x) thanx.Maybe I should draw manga about the mangaka who control the comic world.o.o two dimension/worlds.lols

-Virut- said...

if yo read tha summary, it sounds almost like ff13 in xbox 360... but this manga was created first before that game...