Thursday, February 10, 2011

It's a dreamland!

Hey let's talk about what you have dreamed last night. =D

Recalling what you've dreamed is not actually that hard if you pay attention to it (don't try so hard though or you'll forget about it completely). After you have woken up, be cool and calm before you start writing what you've dreamed in any piece of paper (better with closed eyes).

The dream I got last night was a bit weird, no dream that is not weird anyway...

I was in a parking lot; it doesn't look like a parking lot to me, more like a barren field or just plain open space for people to park their car. There was nobody in the car at that moment. After i've found a place to park, i was then looking for something in the car but i couldn't find it (i don't even know what I’m trying to find), after a while, someone at the back seat hand me a book, i turned to look at the person who handed me that book.

It was my physic teacher from my last high school, he's not actually my favorite teacher and i don't feel any hate or mad toward this man, he was there for some i don’t know apparent reasons. I open that book to see what's in there; all i see are some numbers and formula, teddy bears? and rainbow that was badly drawn, and the worse thing is i saw my project assignment sheet. Then i closed the book.

Suddenly i heard somebody crying at the back, that 'thing' looks a bit like me but i didn't see this person's face, so i kicked it out of the car and trample on its head until it bleed and died. When i look outside of where i parked the car, i was not at the place where i parked my car just then but i still at that barren-look field though. I quickly got into my car and get the hell out of there.

I was driving really fast, i couldn't see clearly what's in front of me, but i saw some cars stop at the roadside and some race cars. It was quite snowy that time, well it's not really that snowy before but all i see is snow now! It was becoming a blizzard afterward.

Then i realized that i can't turn the steering, it was still locked! Then i stop at the roadside, i stop near the toilet, i don't really feel like wanna go to the toilet though, suddenly someone with a blurred face coming towards me holding a red and blue color fish (Betta fish) in a fish bowl.

"Look! I’ll eat it", He said.

I didn't say anything, suddenly i was holding a fish on my hand as well, it's a dead fish, a severed one. After that guy has eaten that fish I then ran over him. He was like

"what tha fuck are you doing?!"

Again i didn't say anything, i just keep on driving then we both fell into the ravine. At the bottom of the ravine, there's a half-looked Coliseum down there. I jumped out of the car and we both fell and get ourselves in there. Everyone (spectators) in the half-looked Coliseum was cheering for us?

Wait?! are we going to fight?

Then suddenly i was holding a cleaver on my right hand, in front of me that guy has turned himself into a snowman with slasher smile. I was like...mmmmm, bored. Then i killed that guy cold-bloodedly, but that thing won't break but instead got bigger, and more snowmen coming at me. smile?

And so i woke myself up.

total anticlimactic.


So what have you dreamed about? It's better if there anyone can interpret this dream, im still not good at interpreting dream.

-peace out-