Friday, November 4, 2011

From Idealism to Realism to Cynicism

When i was young, everything seems to be bright and warm, i really like the feeling, such beautiful imagination, well kids do good at imagine things. Those warm-hearted treatments i got when i was a kid made me thought that the world was such a wonderful place to ever live, hoping that it won't change, even the cartoon for kids taught me that.

As i'm growing up i faced betrayal, man's ignorance, hypocrisy, violence, and injustice. I started to think that all i've been taught and told to believe was all just a fa├žade to hide the real and dark world, as if i was half asleep all this time, never try to understand the real thing that is happening in our world.

I started to realize some things, as a human i understand that we all have our own free will of what we wanna be and going to be, pride and ego play most of the parts, there will be no one that has no EGO, everyone wants to be recognized, hate being let down, and always wanna go up and up, and there you have it, selfishness is then created and all the other sins just because of man's pride. Such a wonderful cynical life.

Lastly, try to look at yourself in the mirror.


Shioru said...

Hm..this remind me of Japanese drama,Liar Game though :o

Anyway, I wonder if you remember me x)

-Virut- said...

I ALWAYS REMEMBER YOU!! lololol, by the way what kind of manga is that? >.>