Tuesday, July 12, 2011

9 July 2011

Well you see, MALAYSIA became popular liao with all the news about the street demonstration thingy. haha?

But all those demonstrations are much stronger and influential in the west Malaysia (peninsular Malaysia) than here in Sabah.

But we can still feel a lil of its effect here, a lil you say?

Traffic jammed! kram kaki saya memandu budu! The city became as if it's a ghost town for some reason, so many empty parking lots than usual haha!

or should i say the people in Sabah is not aware enough of what is happening?? i'm talking about our country situation right now! The government and shit! Shits just getting rougher you see.

and i don't really give a shit about the 1Malaysia propaganda, the government treats it as if it's their insurance to win over the hearts of country people to make sure they're in power.

Speaking of 1Malaysia, if you wanna be one, why don't you just go out and say "HYE! YO! wassaup" with everyone you meet no matter what the race and religion.

Be yourself lah jangan mau minta disuap lagi.