Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The sign of weakness?

So yeah...we all make mistakes. Nobody is perfect as everyone would say. So why is apologizing so damn hard to do? Most of us like to be the recipient of a heartfelt apology, but giving is different than receiving, isn’t it?

I’m sure you’ve figured out, there are many reasons why saying “I’m sorry” is such a challenging thing to do. First of all, who likes to admit they’re wrong? or admit they’re wrong when they aren’t? It’s Not fun! IT'S ANNOYING!!

or maybe we're just too arrogant...

Sometimes it’s the fear of rejection that makes an apology so hard to say. The fact of getting a cold treatment, not being forgiven or losing a friend can be understandably be unsettling. Especially when it comes from someone you care about and want to maintain a relationship with, any relationship here i mean. Sometimes people feel that giving an apology is a sign of weakness, at times they even get annoyed with the word it self.