Monday, March 7, 2011

At 1.40A.M. (Friday)

and Rest In Peace grandpa

I have no time to feel emotional about this, it's not that i don't care about my granpa, he's actually my best friend, my closest grandpa than my other grandpa and grandma since i was still 6. But then i know his time will come at last. Since i've encountered a best friend death from a car accident before, so i tried to disconnect some of my feeling about this man. You can say this is a defense mechanism to protect myself from having the same troublesome emotional feeling until everyone called im a cold-hearted person during his burial time.

I still remember his last word for me, it was "Jangan tinggalkan saya! saya mahu balik rumah!!"

means "Don't leave me! I want to go home!" He said when being detained at the hospital.

There's one time i still prepare food for my grandpa at my house (yes my granpa staying at my family's house), i forgot that he already 'tingtong' at that time....mmmm

ow well, it's time for pearl milk tea!

Penat saya jadi driver setiap hari, beli barang makanan lah apa lah dan layan budak-budak...mmmmm


Adrian Mak said...

Terus layan sama Pearl Milk Tea ah. Bah..take care baik2.

-Virut- said...

mango pearl milk tea is tha best! well at the moment....mmmm

kalo ada avocado milk tea lagi bagus, hohohohoHOHO