Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year! Now it's time to-


nah~~ i don't really have fun during the new year celebration, oh shit! too bad for ya!

Now let us recall back what have we done in 2010, what have we accomplished? What do you feel after all this time in 2010?

Well i might say that I think last year's new year is much more what i would call it a blast! I was sleeping alone in that dusty house of ours in Poropok (it's my dad's home village) and then i heard this loud bang kaboom boom bang! sound follow with a lorry's tyre went boom too, so awesome I could die!

But this year, we were just went to 1Borneo to celebrate. Eating pizza and do some stuffs with family, and we even getting lost during our search for a goddam lift to the parking lot, anotha awesome day! I mean night...

There have been so many things happened, either it is good or bad or sweet or just plain painful, it's normal~ that's how life is right? Yep obviously.

Last year i got this one very painful headache and i start seeing things that...well let just say not everyone can see it, it's not about ghost, well kind of like that..mmmm. That may be my first weird hallucination ever and the feeling is just...err, hard to explain it in words, it was so scary and it's like it forces me to acknowledge its existence...mmmm

Next! I lost my two best buddies. You can say it is cause by the aftermath effect of that weird stuff that i've just said that have happened to me and it's gonna happen again. Ow well no worry mate, losing your best friend is normal and it's always my fault anyway.

Next is i passed my driving license. There were three of us took the driving test at that time, those who have learned driving from the same instructor. Luckily, me passed the test but the other two were unlucky.

It's not easy for tha newbie. Well i knew we gonna get panic during the test so as usual i tried to remain calm and channel my fear into pure concentration. So i passed, thank you mista.PANIC!

That year also i try to reactivate my love for marching and drill training, and again i succeeded!

There have been so many things happened, some of them are done according to my plan in my 2010 plan list, but it doesn't mean i never failed, there were so many mistakes and weakness in my plan, so im gonna modify it a bit this year.

This year! I'm gonna take over something that is suppose to be belong to our family, not 'THEM'! and im gonna success this time. My other brothers seem to be like;

"i don't care..." kind of attitude or maybe because im the second child in the family who seems too low to them and think i can't do it, well I'm gonna turn this into my perfect opportunity, keep on thinking that way! It's gonna be mine in the future!



Have a nice day everyone~

-peace out-