Sunday, December 13, 2009

Being imperfect is FUN?


Yup, you can see there right? my blog title?

Some ppl don't understand it at first. They will think like; what I'm goin to do now is just keep myself like this? =o
keep myself imperfect?

-AAH! budu pnya title, it's like you teaching ppl being a noob forever.

-WTH is that suppose to mean?

You know what, these ppl who ask me these noob questions are the noob. gawd..
Like I've told cha in the title itself, being imperfect is fun because it makes your life more adventurous! yeas! and in your life venture there will lot of quests you will encounter and need to complete it, cuz that's your liability. YES? NO?
and after you've perfected your quests, that's make you a perfectionist XD

BUT! It doesn't matter if you can't complete all the quests, It's the same thing like; if you encounter someone's death, can you bring that person to life? HELL NO! only God can do that, that's because we ain't perfect.

Do you kno how perfect ppl live their life? perfect ppl is ppl who don't feel pain, who don't feel hunger, WHO DON'T FEEL SLEEPY EITHER, just stay awake. Well that sux, if i can't feel hunger, I don't need to eat yummy foods anymore, i won't feel any good with that ;'{

We all kno that in our life in this worldly world have so much QUESTIONs, but only a few ANSWERs. Those questions are our quests in our adventure life, that's what I mean in my blog title, ermmm...what tha hell is that?

Being Imperfect is Fun
that's what makes ya a perfectionist!

Being imperfect is more real than being perfect. Champions are not "afraid'

Your imperfect life teach you how to be mature with your surrounding. That what makes us human. =]